Survey shows alarming rise in drug use by Girls

Survey shows alarming rise in drug use by Girls

In Pakistan, Girls Have Higher Drug Use Rates Than Boys

Federal Minister for Anti-Narcotics Senator Azam Swati said that there are more girls addicted and using drugs than boys in Pakistan. He said that Karachi has become the most dangerous city in terms of drug use.

Azam Swati said that drugs are used most in educational institutions in Karachi. Since 65% of students under the age of 30 use drugs, the government is now introducing a new drug policy.

The Federal Minister said that most of the girls addicted to drugs are female students studying in universities. The use of ice and synthetics is increasing in educational institutions.

He also said that drugs were being used in food candies and almost everything in universities. Therefore, the government is taking steps to prevent the spread of this canker in educational institutions and is going to introduce drug policy.

Federal Minister Senator Azam Swati in an informal conversation with the media also said that 90% of drugs in Pakistan are coming through Afghanistan, so it has become inevitable to control this border, otherwise the situation and this rate could increase to dangerous levels.

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Islamabad: Federal Minister Narcotics Control Azam Khan Swati visits Rehabilitation Center. “
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Islamabad: Federal Minister Narcotics Control Azam Khan Swati visits Rehabilitation Center. Federal Minister was briefed about the facilities available at the center.

وفاقی وزیر برائے انسداد منشیات محمد عاظم خان سواتی نے اسلام آباد میں منشیات کے عادی افراد کے بحالی مرکز کا دورہ کیا۔
اس موقع پر وفاقی وزیر کو مرکز میں قائم سہولیات کے بارےمیں بریفنگ دی گئی۔
محمد عاظم خان سواتی نے مرکز کے مختلف شعبوں کا معائنہ کیا اور زیر علاج افراد سے گفتگو بھی کی۔

پی ٹی وی نیوز کے رپورٹر حسن طارق بٹ سے خصوصی گفتگو کرتے ہوئے وفاقی وزیر نے کہا کہ مرکز کو جدید سہولیات سے لیس کیا جائے گا۔

Federal Minister for Counter Narcotics Muhammad Azam Khan Swati visited the Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Center in Islamabad.
On this occasion, the Federal Minister was briefed about the facilities set up at the Center.
Muhammad Azam Khan Swati inspected various departments of the center and also talked to the patients undergoing treatment.

Talking to PTV News reporter Hassan Tariq Butt, the Federal Minister said that the center would be equipped with modern facilities.

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