Singer Noh Salleh Video goes viral on Twitter, Reddit and Youtube

Who is Noh Salleh – Bio, Age, Birthday, Dating, Wiki, Net Worth

Best known as the lead vocalist and guitarist for the rock band Rain, singer, and musician. Rock singer Noh Salleh is well-known. Noh was born on March 15, 1985, in Malaysia. Noh is a well-known and in-demand celebrity who is well-known for being a rock singer. Noh Salleh is 33 years old as of the year 2018. Noh Salleh is a well-known rock singer.

Noh Salleh is listed among the most well-known celebrities on Wikifamouspeople. Along with those who were born on March 15, 1985, Noh Salleh is also listed. One of the precious celebrities on the Rock Singers list.

Noh Salleh’s profile

The guitarist and lead vocalist for Rain. The lead vocalist and guitarist for the rock band Rain is a singer and musician.

Noh Salleh before becoming famous

He founded the hip-hop group MIX with three of his friends to start his musical career as a singer. He went on to start the band Rain after they broke up in 2006.

Noh Salleh’s success

He appeared briefly in the 2012 movie Gangster Ghost.

Family life in Noh Salleh

In the Malaysian city of Miri, he was born and raised. He wed Teh Tarik Crew’s hip hop group’s ex-member Mizz Nina, an R&B singer.

Noh Salleh’s associations

As a member of Rain, he has performed alongside music producer AG Coco.

The 10 Most Interesting Things About Noh Salleh

songwriter from Malaysia

dating noh Saleh

Noh Salleh is probably not dating anyone right now, at least not according to our records. There has never been an engagement for Noh Salleh. To find out more about the previous dates and hookups, we are currently searching online.

Singer Noh Salleh Video goes viral on Twitter

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