Shireen Mazari was arrested by female officers and was not mistreated.

Shireen Mazari was arrested by female officers and was not mistreated.

Imaan Zainab Mazari, Shireen Mazari’s daughter, claimed that male police officers not only arrested her mother, but also manhandled her and tore her cloth, according to CCTV footage.

According to details, shortly after her mother, former federal minister and PTI leader Shireen Mazari, was arrested in an old corruption case on Saturday, her daughter, Imaan Zainab Mazari, posted a video on social media in which she blamed male police officers for not only arresting her mother, but also mistreating her and ripping her cloth.

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However, after a CCTV footage was released on a different TV channel, it exposed Zainab Mazari’s lie, as it can be seen in the footage that female police personnel, not male police personnel, are arresting PTI leader and transporting her in a respectful manner, with no evidence of mistreatment.

Shireen was dragged out of a car by female police officers while protesting, “No. “Please don’t come near me.” “There is no issue,” police officials said, adding that the matter could be discussed “peacefully.”

According to a private media outlet, the former minister was apprehended in a case filed in Dera Ghani (DG) Khan in 1972 regarding the encroachment of a piece of land in District Rajanpur.

The Punjab Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACEP) registered the case after Assistant Commissioner Rajanpur filed a complaint, according to the details of the case. Mazari has been charged with trespassing on private property.

On March 11, 2022, a complaint was filed against Shireen Mazari, and AC Rajanpur was tasked with conducting an investigation. On April 8, the concerned official prepared a case report, and the Anti-Corruption Establishment, in light of this, filed a criminal case under its Rules 2014.


Imaan Zainab Mazari, speaking to journalists outside the Kohsar police station, described her mother’s detention as a “kidnapping.” “She was kidnapped, not arrested,” she said, flanked by PTI leaders Fawad Chaudhry and Shibli Faraz.

“When someone is arrested, the police inform you of the charge,” she explained.

“I’m not sure where she is.” “This government abducted her because they believe women are easy targets,” Imaan said, adding, “I won’t spare anyone if anything happens to my mother.”

Exclusive footage of Shireen Mazari’s arrest by female Police officers

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