Shashl, DJ Level Bedroom Videos that were leaked

SHASHL & DJ LEVELS Bedroom Video by Minister Obadiah Moyo’s Daughter Goes Viral On Twitter & Reddit

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After her se*x tape with disgraced Zimdancehall musician Dj Levels viral online, Zimbabwean musician Shashl, real name Ashleigh Angel Moyo, has come out swinging.

Obadiah Moyo, a former minister of health and childcare in Zimbabwe, is the father of Shashl. In addition to DJ Levels’ solo bedroom image going viral at the same time as their video, there is speculation that the two ex-lovers are viral on each other’s bedroom tapes.


A distressed Shashl has claimed that Levels viral their bedroom as retaliation in a statement made after the video was exposed. She claims that Levels exposed the se*x tape because she told him she no longer desired to be with him.

Shashl viral video of Obadiah Moyo’s daughter

a well-known local musician who gained fame online after posting a priva*te video. This news is currently popular, but accessing the video is difficult; social media has taken down the video, but many people have linked to it, and some unauthorized websites are disseminating it. As we all know, the mere mention of something having been viral is enough to generate a lot of buzz and lead people to believe that it has gone viral on social media.

Shashl’s Most Recent DJ Levels Video With Obadiah Moyo

One such NS*FW video is the one that recently went viral; some even claim that it is a se*x tape featuring two well-known Zimbabwean personalities. The man portrayed in the video is a well-known music producer named DJ Levels, and the woman portrayed in the video is the offspring of a former national minister. DJ Levels, a.k.a. Tafadzwa Kadzimwe, a well-known music producer, has gotten himself and singer and Hip-Hop star Shashl involved in a major controve*rsy.

The se*x tape and several incriminating photos that were posted online made Shashl, the daughter of a former minister, the subject of news stories. Following it, Zimbabweans are going crazy and harassing both of them, especially the music producer, who many are accusing of being a casting couch. Levels himself had vanished in the middle of the reports, as we had previously stated. However, some claim that after initially issuing an apology, he is now hiding.

The music producer claims that someone stole his phone and uploaded these videos and pictures to the internet in his post. People are mocking the hip-hop star as well as the music producer. Although Shashl spoke with the State-owned media outlet, she only gave her side of the story and accused Dj Levels of using a casting couch. According to her, the music producer was the one who forced her to sleep with him when she didn’t want to. Following this accusation, Tafadzwa has come under fire and his situation is becoming more urgent.

The hip-hop artist and singer went on to say that DJ Levels is lying and that it is untrue that his phone was stolen and that he intentionally viral the images and videos of himself and her. She charged him with disclosing their se*x tape. The singer went on to say, “It started on social media when netizens started claiming Shashl and Levels were dating, but that is not true; we have never dated one another. In reality, Levels is the author of that story. He corners me to have se*x with him after a while. Shashi initially rejected him repeatedly, but later on, he threatened to never record her music if she didn’t.