Shaniera Akram's Message to Karachi

Shaniera Akram’s Message to Karachi

Shaniera Akram, wife of former cricketer Wasim Akram, expressed solidarity with the people of Karachi who are now experiencing terrible heat as a result of this heat wave.

“I’m going to attempt sending some cooler weather to Karachi,” she stated in an Instagram post.

Shaniera Akram may be seen standing with her daughter Aiyla and their pet dog on a street in Melbourne, Australia, where it is now pouring.

“I was caught in the rain!!!” Shaniera scribbled in the caption.

A big number of Instagram followers from the heat-stricken city of Quaid urged her to deliver some rain to Karachi as soon as possible in order to decrease the high temperatures.

The Arabian Sea hurricane is 580 kilometres away from Karachi, and the sea wind has been halted in the city, which is under the reign of thunderstorms.

The city’s temperature has risen to around 44 degrees. Sea breezes are expected to return on Wednesday.

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