Details about Sara's murder were provided by Shahnawaz, Ayaz Amir's son.

Shahnawaz son of Ayaz Amir revealed details regarding Sara’s murder.

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The murder of his wife Sarah Inam Rathore was described in detail by Shahnawaz, senior journalist Ayaz Amir’s son.

The heartbreaking Islamabad murder case, in which the accused Shahnawaz is accused of hitting his 3-month-old bride Sarah Inam Rathore on the head with an iron object while they were in bed, is beginning to come to light.

Accused In his initial police statement, Shahnawaz claimed that he met Sarah on social media and that they had been married for three months before he dumped his wife’s body into the bathtub and turned on the faucet.

Sarah Inam Rathore, according to the accused, arrived in Islamabad from Dubai yesterday. I had suspicions Sara was having an affair, but the wife has allayed my concerns in this regard.

Accused Shahnawaz continued, “I believed Sara was a spy for some nation and wanted to kill me. Last night, she grabbed my throat, and this morning, she came close and grabbed my neck.

The defendant further claimed that when I grabbed Sarah’s neck, I felt as though my neck would snap and I would die. As a result, I pushed Sarah, who then fell to the ground and attacked me, the defendant said.

I panicked and threw Sarah Inam Rathore in the bathtub to clean up the blood after Shahnawaz claimed that she was struck on the head by an exercise dumbbell that was lying nearby.

The accused claimed that after placing it in the bathtub, I let the water out to let the blood flow and that I then sent a picture of the bathtub to my father, Ayaz Ameer, who I then called to tell him about the whole incident.

The senior officers of the Islamabad Police were told about the incident over the phone, according to the sources, by Ayaz Amir.

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