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Shah Nawaz Amir (Killer) married Sarah Inam Rathore in a viral full-HD video

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Sarah Inam Rathore and Shah Nawaz Amir (Killer) were wed in a popular full-HD video.

Just who is Sarah Inam? A biography or Wiki

Sarah Inam has extensive work experience in the Gulf region, Pakistan, and Canada. She comes from a diverse background. Number 4 is his brother. There were two brothers in Canada and one sister in London.

She was a Canadian citizen of Pakistani ancestry. The youngest of her siblings, she is. His parents didn’t share a home.

Age of Sarah Inam

She was born on July 2nd, 1979, and is currently 39 years old.

Education for Sarah Inam

Sarah Inam, who was born in Canada, has lived and worked in Abu Dhabi since receiving her economics degree from the University of Waterloo.

Husband of Shahnawaz Amir A. Sarah Inam

Twice-married Shahnawaz Amir. The day after his first wife filed for divorce on February 2nd, 2022, he married Sarah Inam Rathore for a second time.

After getting engaged, Ali Afandi and Sarah Inam later called it off. Only once was Shah Nawaz Amir married to Sarah Inam.

Sarah Inam’s Career

She was employed by the Department of Economic Development in Abu Dhabi by the Government of the United Arab Emirates. Sara was characterized by her friend as “a brilliant and articulate woman.” He was a kind man with many friends in the United Arab Emirates, where he had lived for the previous 15 years.

Sara had also worked for organizations like USAID and Deloitte, demonstrating her skill and ability in the workplace.

Suspect in the Murder of Sarah Inam

The horrific murder of Sarah Inam has infuriated Pakistanis. Everyone was shocked to hear that a husband in Islamabad killed his own wife. She, however, was more than that.

The case garnered media attention when it was revealed that the murderer was the well-known journalist Ayaz Amir’s son. According to numerous tweets, Sarah Bibi, Shahnawaz’s wife, and Ayaz Amir’s daughter-in-law died as a result of her husband’s skepticism.

Because Sarah is “a quiet person by nature” and a “pacifist,” a friend of hers dismissed Shahnawaz’s claim that she tried to choke him as a joke.

Considering it a needless murder, Sarah’s friend pointed out that her deceased friend, who weighed 40 kg, may have attempted to kill a man similar to Shahnawaz.

What Did The Police Investigation Report Contain?

Police responded to a complaint made by Police Commissioner (SHO) Nawazish Ali Khan on Friday under Section 302 of Pakistan’s Penal Code, which deals with convictions for murder (PPC).

sarah inam rathore dead body video and photos
sarah inam rathore dead body video and photos

According to reports, on Friday, September 23, the suspect’s mother, Samina Shah, called the police to report that her son Shahnawaz had killed his wife with a crowbar. The FIR already includes this information.

In the FIR, Shah is reported to have told police that his son was there and had covered his wife’s body. After that, police searched the apartment.

According to the police report, Shahnawaz had locked himself out of his room, and when staff members forced open the door, they discovered bloodstains on his hands and clothing.

The FIR states that after being apprehended by police, Shahnawaz confessed to hiding the body of the Canadian citizen after repeatedly hitting his wife with a pole during an argument.

Shahnawaz claimed in the FIR that the “murder weapon” was stashed beneath his bed. After inspecting the cufflink, police allegedly found blood and hair there. They subsequently gave it to forensics.

Additionally, according to the FIR, the victim’s body was transported to the Polyclinic for an autopsy.

A popular full-HD video of Shah Nawaz Amir (Killer) and Sarah Inam Rathore getting married went viral.

Anwar Ayaz refused to admit that he had never met Sara Inam before she got married to my son Shah Nawaz Amir. I was not present in Chakwal when my son Shah Nawaz Amir married Sara Inam, despite the fact that I had never been to my son’s wedding. I don’t have a single image or video of Sara Inam’s wedding.

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