Sana Pervaiz Butt alleged leaked video call

Hina Pervaiz Butt sis Sana Pervaiz Butt Full Video Call Went Viral

Sana Pervaiz Butt and former Sindh Governor Latif Khosa’s son’s alleged video call is going viral by lea*king on social media. This lea*ked video call of Sana Perv*aiz Butt and Balakh Sher Khosa is being searched extensively on social media. This video call was first shared by a who lea*k video chat?” in different parts of his account. You can hear this call in the following tweet.

From the alleged lea*ked video call of Sana Butt and Sher Khosa, it is not difficult to guess that they both love each other. And also like to have romantic conversations with each other.

Hina Perv*aiz Butt’s sister Sana Perv*aiz Butt is being trolled on social media after her video call was lea*ked. Most of the PTI supporters are trolling this video by tagging the people of Muslim League. You can see an example of this below.

The authenticity of Sana Pervaiz Butt’s lea*ked video call cannot be confirmed from anywhere yet. Neither Sana Butt nor Sher Khosa has commented on the video

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