Hansal Mehta's Wife Safeena Husain: Who Is She?

Safeena Husain is Hansal Mehta’s wife.

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Hansal Mehta, a well-known filmmaker, marries Safeena Hussain, a long-term partner. For the past 17 years, Hansal Mehta and Safeena Hussain have been married. The marriage of Hansal Mehta and Safeena Hussain has set a precedent for society, demonstrating that love and marriage know no bounds and can occur at any age. Both celebrities have set a wonderful example for everyone, and it will serve as an inspiration to many.

Hansal Mehta shared the wonderful news on his official Instagram account, where he shared photos of their wedding. Under his wedding photos, the renowned filmmaker wrote a lovely caption. After 17 years together and two children, seeing our children grow up, and realising all of our dreams, he captioned the photo, “We have decided to get married.” Hansal went on to say that their lives were haphazard, but their vows were sincere.

Hansal Mehta married Sunita Mehta when he was still a child. The couple later divorced, and they shared two sons. Hansal met Safeena later, and the two fell in love and began living together. Both of their daughters were born to the couple. Before getting married, the couple already had two daughters. Safeena Hussain, the daughter of veteran actor Yusuf Hussain, is a social worker.

Safeena, like Hansal Mehta, has received numerous honours and awards in recognition of her outstanding achievements. The couple has established themselves as role models for the general public. All of society’s “norms” have been broken by the couple. Hansal and Safeena have demonstrated that age has no bearing on love and that marriage can take place at any point in one’s life.

Netizens flooded their wedding pictures with lovely and amazing messages as soon as this news broke on social media. People on the internet wished the couple well and showered them with love and blessings. People are praising Hansal and Safeena for serving as role models for those who have reached adulthood and have refused to marry or accept their love due to societal fear.

People are showering the couple with love, blessings, and well wishes for a happy married life on social media. People on the internet are ecstatic to see them get married. The majority of people on the internet have come out in support of them and have wished them luck in their new marriage.

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