Rhea Planned to Send Sushant to Mental Hospital

Rhea Planned to Send Sushant to Mental Hospital

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Rhea Was Planning to send Sushant to Mental Hospital? Did Rhea want to send Sushant Singh Rajput to a mental hospital? Was she blackmailing Sushant? Well, with each passing day Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise mystery is getting darker and more complicated. According to the recent reports, Rhea Chakraborty used to blackmail Sushant Singh Rajput. This Bollywood actress who was Sushant’s girlfriend wanted to send him to a mental hospital. But why? Let us find out in this video. Recently AajTak has revealed an article where they mentioned that Rhea Chakraborty’s call records are now in the hands of police. The police havesaid that according to Rhea’s call records, the actress called Sushant 25 times within just 4 days. Sushant was then at his sister Rani’s house and wanted to stay there for a few days. But Rhea wanted him to return to his apartment so she kept on calling him continuously for four days. Later, without staying for a few more days, Sushant returned to his apartment, to Rhea Chakraborty, from Chandigarh. As per the reports, Sushant wanted help from his sister in November, who resides in Chandigarh and even booked his ticket for three months. Rhea blackmailed him a lot so that he did not leave the house and Sushant listened to her. But in December Sushant called his sister from a new number and told them that Rhea and her family were planning to send him to Mental hospital. But the actor did not want to go to a mental hospital. He wanted to complete everything in Mumbai and wanted to move to Himachal Pradesh. After this conversation with his sister, Sushant drove the car himself and went to his sister’s house without caring much about blackmail. Sushant wanted to end his relationship with Rhea too and decided to live in Himachal Pradesh permanently. Siddharth Pithani was the person who informed Rhea about Sushant’s plans and she was not happy with it at all. She called the actor more than 25 times within just 4 days and blackmailed him a lot which is why he returned to the actress. Because of the blackmails he was broken and was not able to end the relationship and for the medicines, he was weak physically too. If the actor would not have returned that day, then today he could have been alive. Now ED has summoned Rhea and she will soon record her statement to ED regarding this case.

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