Where is Rhea Now? Is She Really Missing ?

Where is Rhea Now? Is She Really Missing ?

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Where is Rhea Now? Is She Really Missing ? “
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Where Is Rhea Chakraborty Now? is She Really Missing? Where has Rhea Chakraborty escaped with her family members and where is she staying now? Why is Rhea escaping from Bihar police? Why is not she helping Bihar police in their investigation? Well, recently, the first statement of Rhea Chakraborty’s lawyer, Satish Maneshinde got revealed and that answered many questions. Let us find out in this video, what has Rhea’s lawyer said in his first statement. Satish Maneshinde has recently said that whenever Mumbai police called Rhea, she was always there to help them. So, it is not right to say that Rhea is not helping in this case. Mumbai police have also said that rhea has helped a lot in this case. Maneshinde also said that Rhea is not hiding at all and why would she hide because she has told everything to Mumbai police. When Maneshinde was asked that why Rhea is not helping Bihar police, the lawyer said that Bihar police has nothing to do with the case. The incident took place in Mumbai which is why the investigation should also be done by Mumbai police only. Bihar police have no work in this case and that is why Rhea will not say anything to Bihar police, Whatever Rhea Chakraborty has to say, she will say to Mumbai police only, otherwise, she won’t say a word to anyone else. Satish Maneshinde has said that this case is not under the zone of Bihar police and they are falsely accusing Rhea of hiding. Because Bihar police have not summoned Rhea officially yet which is why she did not meet them either. The lawyer has also said that Bihar police have no right to investigate the case which is why Rhea has appealed to the Supreme court for the transfer of the case. As per reports, the day when K K Singh filed FIR against the actress, rhea on the same day appealed to the Supreme court to transfer the case to Mumbai. Rhea has also applied already for probationary bail. Well, it is quite shocking because Rhea, a few days before this, wanted enquiry for the case. And now, when the case got in the hands of Bihar police, she is not being supportive at all. DGP of Bihar police, Officer Pandey has recently said that if Rhea really wants justice for Sushant, then she should stop playing hide & seek. Well, now all these does not matter at all because will be taking over the case soon and they will soon look into the matter.

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