How Rhea Chakraborty Disconnected Sushant From The world

How Rhea Chakraborty Disconnected Sushant From The world

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How Rhea Chakraborty Disconnected Sushant From The world “
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Rhea Chakraborty’s Dark Way to Control Sushant’s Life. Rhea Disconnected Sushant From The world? After Bihar police started investigating this case, many angles have come forward of Sushant’s case. Sushant Singh Rajput’s family members have recorded their statements regarding this case. In their statements, all of them said that Rhea always tried to make the distance between Sushant and his family members. She always picked up Sushant’s phone calls whenever someone from his family called and she never let them talk with him. Rhea even never let Sushant visit his family and asked him not to stay with his family too. The late actor’s family members have even shared an instance of is. They said that once Sushant visited his sister’s house to stay. But Rhea Chakraborty continuously called him and brought him back to his house within just two days. She did not let him stay there. But on the other hand, she tried to engage the actor along with her family only. Rhea’s mother and brother often stayed with them. Sushant’s family then already guessed that the girl whom Sushant was dating and her family was not good enough. They already guessed that some trouble may happen in Sushant’s life and this is why they were very much worried. They also told in their statements that there was a time when Sushant’s family was staying very close to Sushant’s house. But Rhea did neither let them meet the actor nor let Sushant meet with his family and tried to distance them. This is when Sushant’s family was sure that Rhea was trying to cut off Sushant from his own family and was controlling her completely. And, worried family members informed a very promising and high ranked police officer of Mumbai police. Yes, Mumbai police already knew that everything was not going right in Sunhat’s life and he was in trouble. On the 25th of February, his family members messaged the officer that Sushant’s life is in danger and some bad people are living with him. They even mentioned that Sushant’s life was in great danger and he might soon lose his life so they pleaded the officer to take action. But unfortunately, the officer completely ignored the message and even the death threats to Sushant’s life. The officer did not take the message seriously. He neither investigated the matter nor took any action. February passed and within a few months, Sushant is no more. If the officer would have taken the message seriously, maybe Sushant would have been alive now.

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