Rhea Chakraborty and Her Brother Left India Secretly

Rhea Chakraborty and Her Brother Left India Secretly

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Rhea Chakraborty and Her Brother Left India Secretly “
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Rhea and Her family Left India Overnight Secretly? Rhea Chakraborty is currently the center of all the controversies regarding Sushant Singh Rajput’s case after his father filed a case against her. K K Singh filed his case in Patna, Bihar which is why Bihar police also got involved in the case and have started to investigate. The team of Bihar police wanted to interrogate Rhea first after coming to Mumbai but as per current reports, Rhea has left her house. Has the actress escaped her house to avoid Bihar police’s interrogation? Does she know something regarding Sushant’s case that she is hiding? Well, let us find out in this video when and where has Rhea Chakraborty has escaped and why. As per the reports, a team of four police officers is appointed to look into the case of Sushant Singh Rajput. The team has already reached Mumbai and has started to investigate the case. The already got the shocking bank statement of Sushant Singh Rajput. As the case got filed mainly against Rhea Chakraborty, the Bihar police wanted to start their interrogation with Rhea Chakraborty. But unfortunately, when they reached her house, they did not found her there. They were told by the watchmen that she left the house at midnight. Later the watchmen have revealed more details about Rhea’s escape. They said that the whole family has left the place. According to a report of Republic TV, Rhea has left her residence in the middle of the night along with her parents and brother. The watchmen revealed that the whole Chakraborty family left the place in a blue car and they had a big suitcase with them. They also revealed that Sushant Singh Rajput rarely visited Rhea Chakraborty’s residence for the last few months. But what is more shocking that there are claims that Rhea has not only left the city, Mumbai, but she has left the country too. Yes, it is quite shocking but the reports are claiming so. If the reports are to be believed then Rhea might have left for Canada. Though there is no confirmed news people are flooding the social media sites that Rhea and her family have left for Canada. According to some media reports, Rhea and her family took a private plane to reach Canada, with some political help too. But the main question is how can she leave the country during an investigation? Is Mumbai police helping her?

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