Hidayat Ullah Khilji case leaked video viral

Quetta Girls Scandal: Hidayat Ullah Khilji case leaked full video viral

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The Quetta police arrested two brothers on Friday for filming inappr**opriate videos of women and blackmailing them.

According to Quaidabad DSP Asim Shah, the suspects, identified as Hidayatullah Khilji and Khalil Khilji, were caught during a raid in Mariabad, a town located in the inner eastern suburb of Quetta.


The police have seized laptops, memory cards, tablets, and mobile phones from their possession. Video evidence collected from the electronic devices revealed that the suspects used to harass, torture, and blackmail women.

Earlier this week, a woman filed a complaint against the Khilji brothers. It stated that they abducted her daughters and filmed them inappr**opriately. The woman, as evidence, showed the police the videos as well.

DSP Shah said that the suspects are being questioned. A case under sections of harassment and kidnapping has been registered.

On the other hand, another video of a young woman has been circulating on social media in Quetta. In the clip, a woman says that she was kidnapped a year ago by a group of men. “They rape and harass me every day and bring other men to do the same too.”

She has pleaded with the police to help her and arrest the perpetrators.