Prince Harry, William’s Relationship

Prince Harry, William’s Relationship

Prince Harry recently came under fire for ‘mudslinging’ at Prince William amid growing concerns of a growing rift between the brothers.

The claim has been brought forward by royal expert Russell Myers and during his interview with Sky News Australia he was quoted saying, “Make no mistake, Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship is at rock bottom.”

“You can speak to both sides, as I have done, and they will tell you that it is certainly a long road back to try and get to the stage of where they were.”

“These are the two brothers that were famously the best buds for so many years. This rift that has emerged between them is not just overnight, we are talking over the last few months it has been incredibly strained.”

“This is filtering through after a number of years, way before Prince Harry decided to up and leave for financial independence in the US. What a success they have made of that aspect but it has not come without casualties.”

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