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Prince Harry Bashed for Leaking Royal News

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Prince Harry Bashed for Leaking Royal News

Experts recently chastised Prince Harry for continually leaking royal details back to US media outlets “as soon as he” leaves the country.

Charlie Rae, the editor of The Sun, made this observation. During an interview on talkRADIO, he revealed that he knew Prince Harry.

“hardly put his foot back on American soil when the leaks started.”

He also told the show’s host, Kevin O’Sullivan,

“there is reticence at the Palace because they know that any conversations will end up somewhere on the American media.”

“After Prince Philip’s funeral, you saw Harry and William having a few words together. Papers immediately labelled it ‘peace at last’. Talk about overstating it!”

“We were right. We said at the very best it was only the beginning of the end of the feud. I don’t even think it looks like that.”

“First in People magazine and then the biographer Omid Scobie discussed Meghan’s conversation with the Queen on Zoom before the funeral. He suggested that the ice had been broken on Saturday.”

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