Layyah bestiality case: According to the police, the former victim was a gang member.

Police say the state victim of a bestiality case involving Layyah is a member of the gang.

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The police in the “Layyah bestiality case” have identified Kiran Bibi, the alleged victim of gang rap*e, as a gang member.

Sources claim that while the dog’s owner was given to the police on a three-day judicial remand, the accused Kiran Bibi had already appeared in court.

The primary suspect Rana Wasim, also known as Shah Zeib, is still wanted by police.

In Punjab’s Layyah last week, Kiran, 22, alleged that she had been held hostage, gang-rap*ed, and videotaped while being held at gunpoint.

After being summoned to appear in a dispute, Kiran claimed she was kidnapped in Layyah’s Chowk Azam and gang-rap*ed there.

On July 3, the victim claimed that the three defendants, Shaukat, Waseem Alvi, and Abrar Asad, abducted her with the help of Sana. They allegedly held her captive at Azam Chowk for five days while gang-raping her. The accused then used the footage of her being rap*ed by a dog to blackmail her and post it to international p*ornographic websites.

She asserted that p*ornographic gangs pretended to be friends when they called their victims before kidnapping, gang-raping, and extorting them via video. These gangs make money by posting videos of canine-assisted rap*e on foreign websites.

Later, a nine-member JIT was established to look into a case of gang rap*e and animal p*ornography in Layyah and was given seven days to submit a report.

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