PM directs federal ministers to remain available: [COVID19]

PM directs federal ministers to remain available: [COVID19]

Prime Minister Imran Khan held a National Coordination Committee (NCC) after a significant rise in coronavirus cases across Pakistan.

During the meeting, Prime Minister directed all federal ministers to remain available in Islamabad.

Prime minister said that the government will not hide anything will inform the people about the Coronavirus situation in a week again.

PM said government will also make decisions based on China’s actions as China took better action against Corona virus and he has been in constant touch with the Chinese government since January.

PM Imran urges nation not to panic amid coronavirus pandemic
Prime Minister Imran Khan said he himself monitoring the situation on a daily basis.

The foreign minister said that China overcame the threat from the coronavirus as its people implemented the government’s instructions religiously.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi emphasized that the Pakistani people need to follow suit and unite in the face of this challenge.

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