Reactions to Phyna and Groovy getting close after Beauty's disqualification on BBNaija

Phyna and Groovy, housemates on BBNaija season 7, have drawn criticism for their fresh relationship.

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People are curious to learn more about the news after reading a piece of shocking news that has recently surfaced online. These days, two names are quickly becoming popular online and drawing people’s attention. The Big Brother Naija housemates, Phyna and Groovy, were caught on camera on Friday night having a steamy session while covered up. The cuddle is attracting people’s attention.

Season 7 housemates of Big Brother Naija, Phyna and Groovy have drawn criticism for their new relationship.

Only a few days after Beauty was kicked out of the “Level up” house, the two housemates appear to have gotten along.

Keep in mind that the beauty queen was disqualified after receiving two strikes for upsetting Groovy.

Groovy was spotted cuddling up with Phyna last night, just six days after Beauty left. This suggests that he has moved on.

Fans of BBNaija were upset with Groovy for moving on so quickly after Beauty was eliminated from the competition as a result of this.

The Daily Oost has compiled the following remarks from Twitter:

@Dami “Groovy was with Beauty because he could tell she would be a strong housemate and have a large fan base. As soon as she left, he moved to Phyna because he had seen that she would have a large fan base outside. You are in our hands.

@Doffishal Just one week after Beauty was disqualified due to him, Groovy and Phyna were spotted cuddling under the covers. No balance in this life.

@Blaqpearl “Women, let’s not support this nonsense. We all know how this will hurt Beauty. I am not a fan, but we are all human. She was evicted because of this guy, and the second she left, the other girls flocked to him.”

@D Paulo1 “Biggie, start hiding cameras under your covers. Groovy and Cos Phyna.

@Vahcelia It’s very embarrassing for Beauty; you deserved better, I say.

Additionally, following a heated argument that evening, She broke up with Groovy. Not only that but there was a disagreement with Phyna as well for not siding with her during her altercation with Groovy. People are talking about this argument because it is causing controversy on social media. They are interested in learning what transpired and what led to the cuddle. Due to the demand for news, numerous websites are covering this issue. There are still many topics to cover, which you can read about in the article’s next section.

Additionally, when word spread online that Phyna and Groovy had an aggressive cuddle on Friday night. People were curious to know more details about this news after seeing it on the internet. On social media, this cuddle gained notoriety as a contentious issue. They are visible because the camera caught their activity.

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