Ntlatseng Family Accident Video goes Viral

Ntlatseng Family Accident Video goes Viral

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Video of an Accident in the Ntlatseng Family

How does a simple miscommunication become a viral video? An abusive boyfriend’s gruesome act resulted in a social media storm for the family of a Ntlatseng soccer player. The heinous act was videotaped and shared on social media. The tweet went viral, leading many to believe the man’s actions were approved by his family. This article will look at how the incident played out and the ramifications of Ntlatseng’s viral post.

A Botswana family has petitioned the police to look into a viral video. The post VIDEO: Ntlatseng Family Asks Twitter to Look into Viral Video appeared first on Twitter Explained! ENTERTAINMENT IN ETHIOPIA. first appeared on
Hello there, Chief Psychologist at the Ntlatseng Mental Health Hospital in Soweto, where this mother and daughter were admitted following the viewing of the traumatic video. It has had a significant impact on the family, particularly as it continues to appear on their phones and laptops.

The Family Ntlatseng’s Video Has Gone Viral

Perhaps this is why we saw the daughter’s suicidal attempt when she jumped from the balcony two weeks ago. Every day, they are impacted by this incident. I suppose it’s an attempt to heal, but with social media now playing such a large role, it’s a challenge for us to overcome stressful situations like a viral video.

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