CCTV footage of Nizar Abshi and a student appearing in a video

NIZAR ABSHI, a professor at Al-Baath University, posted a video with a student that went viral on social media.

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A very embarrassing sexual video has arrived from the Syrian Al-Baath University, and it is currently trending online, causing major concern for online citizens. Hello everyone. A professor’s interaction with the student is evident. Nizar Abshi, the dean of the faculty of arts, has been identified as the professor in question. The victim’s background is not well known to us. This incident is being repeatedly covered by the media across the nation.

Youtube Video of Nizar Abshi

And it goes against educational morals, which puts the organization in serious trouble. Because of the organization’s completely destroyed reputation, the parents are very worried about their kids. The institution’s securities and the committee have not offered any remarks. The incident has not been mentioned by the president, Prof. Abdul Basit Al-Khatib. Various mathematics and science courses are offered by the university. Syria, a dearly loved nation, has been since 2011.

CCTV video of Nizar Abshi speaking with a student

It has experienced a violent crisis that has had an impact on its anthropogenic, cultural, and civilizational structure of that. Although there has been a police investigation into this matter, there has been no word on the Professor’s arrest. The incident was captured on camera during the academic years 2021 and 2022, and it first surfaced on August 12th. She is said to be a student in the English department who is in her third year and was preparing to enter the fourth.

According to rumors, the teacher was pressuring the female student to perform well on the literary criticism exam or he would fail her. How regrettable that we have to hear such news in the educational world in the modern age, and that such teachers need to be restrained and punished appropriately for their crimes.

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