Nawaz Sharif now has a Naya Pakistan Sehat Card

Nawaz Sharif now has a Naya Pakistan Sehat Card

LAHORE: Punjab Health Minister Yasmin Rashid stated on Friday that former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was also a Pakistani citizen and that his health card had been made, but he was not present, according to Bol news.

“If he returns to Pakistan, he will also be given a health card,” Yasmin Rashid said in a statement. She said that almost 30% of Punjab’s population had begun to use the card.

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She stated that an application for filing concerns about the health card had been established. She stated that the Punjab Health Initiative Management Company (PHIMC) was working to settle any issues about the card. The concerns were evaluated by the secretary of health, she noted.

According to the Punjab health minister, the majority of people pay taxes, hence those who pay taxes should be given the health card.

On January 23, Dr. Yasmin Rashid ruled out the likelihood of PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif’s clinical test data being manipulated during his treatment at the Services Hospital.

She had stated that there was no potential of report tampering because the entire system was transparent and regularly monitored by knowledgeable specialists. She had also stated that the ex-PM was very unwell at the time of his departure for London.

“Former PM was shifted to the Services Hospital in critical condition. He was a dengue patient with multiple co-morbidities like cardiac, diabetes and high blood pressure.”

According to the minister, a dengue patient might recover even if his platelet count drops below 2,000. “Nawaz did not bleed, even though his platelet count was extremely low.” “There was barely minor bleeding from his gums,” she had stated.

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