Namak Web Series on Ullu App, Trailer, Cast, and Download Link for the A whole Episode

A new web series has now been developed by the Ullu app, which also releases new web series every week. Despite the fact that there are hundreds of series available to watch online, a lot of people prefer to watch the Ullu series because they have more content and require fewer subscriptions. On the other hand, this app also features some of the greatest web series ever produced. However, the web series that have been made available through this app has a lot of potential because they contain both fantasies and some of the best romantic scenes. Speaking of the recently released web series, Namak, a new one, has been made available on the Ullu app.

Release Date for Namak Web Series

In the web series Namak, which centers on a husband and wife and the other men in their lives, there are a lot of provocative or sappy episodes. The web series is recommended to be watched by adults or those who are over the age of 18. Due to the fact that it will be a weekend when this web series is released on the 6th of January 2023, Friday, there will already be a large number of views.

As of right now, this web series is only being made available in Hindi, and the director and writer have not yet been identified.

Cast for the Namak web series

Speaking of the web series, not only have the creators only released the trailer but there is still a lot more information to be revealed, including the cast information. It’s possible that the information about the director and actors will be made public at a later time. Despite the fact that Muskaan Agarwal, who is portraying a wife in the Namak web series, was previously mentioned as having the lead role,

Speaking of the plot of the web series centers on the tale of a woman who is harassed and surrounded by individuals her own husband sends to her.

Story for the Namak web series

Speaking of web series trailers, the Ullu app’s YouTube channel has just posted the one for the Namak web series. The trailer opens with the wife complaining about her husband’s performance while also becoming extremely agitated and telling her that her husband is not good at any job.

In contrast, the husband spends the night dealing with his boss and his wife while also receiving a promotion. He has a habit of handling situations by forcing his wife to sleep with any men who come his way. The story becomes intense when the couple is threatened with blackmail.

Namak Web Series on Ullu App Review & Cast, Story, Release Date, All Episodes, Download link

Web Series Title Olokkhi In Goa Web Series on Kilkk App
Genre:- Drama, Romance, Fantasy
Original network:- Ullu App
Original release:- 6th of January 2023
Running time 20 to 25 minutes
Video Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 8k
Download Video size 400MB, 700MB, 900MB
Online Video Platform OTT (streaming content on the world wide web)
Producer by:- Ullu App
No. of Season:-
No. of Part:-
No. of episodes:-
Production company(s) Ullu App
Original language(s):- Hindi
Director Update soon
Web Series Cast/Crew Members Muskaan Agarwal

Where Can I Find The Namak Web Series?

Keep reading as we discuss information about the Namak series, including its cast, release date, and other details. The saltiness of a wife and husband’s relationship is included in or depicted in the Namak series, as the name would imply. While a variety of other series are also released on Ully and are available for viewing in the interim, the Namak series is made available on the app. Walkman, Watchman, Imli, Doraha, the Dream Girl series, and Rikshawali are some of the top series that are also trending on the Ullu app. Millions of people watch earlier series that were released and are available on the Ullu app.


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