Mehwish Hayat acts out her musical dreams in new web series trailer

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Director and scriptwriter Wajahat Rauf unveiled the trailer to his upcoming web-series earlier today.

Titled Enaaya, the series features Mehwish Hayat as aspiring singer Enaaya who catches the eye of Azfar Rehman, also a musician. Azfar’s band wants to win an upcoming battle of the band’s competition and they think Enaaya’s their ticket to victory — but not everyone’s happy with her becoming the band’s lead singer.

Technically speaking, the production value for the project looks great but the storyline feels a little dated and something we’ve seen countless times before onscreen. Like the battle of the bands, really?

The cast for Enaaya also includes Gul-e-Rana, Rabab Hashim, Asad Siddiqui, Shan Baig among others; the series will be streaming on Eros Now from 21 January.


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