The Son of Taji Khokhar and Maulana Tariq Jameel

Meeting between Taji Khokhar’s son and Maulana Tariq Jameel a normal guy

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Taji Khokhar: Who Is He?

Imtiaz Ali Khokhar, also known as Taji Khokhar, was detained by Rawalpindi police on suspicion of land grabbing on Wednesday evening.

Taji Khokhar was detained alongside 22 other people as part of a campaign against criminal gangs. Taji Khokhar’s name was already on the fourth schedule of the Anti-Terrorism Act. After a medical examination, he will be presented in court.

Khokhar was listed as the head of the “333” gang and was one of the 20 people on the police’s “most wanted” list. A senior police official was quoted in a report in Dawn as saying that the 333 gang was engaged in land theft, target killings, and extortion.

Brother of former Pakistan Peoples Party deputy speaker Haji Nawaz Khokhar and notorious gangster in Rawalpindi is Taji Khokhar. Additionally, he is Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar, a PPP senator, uncle.

Police seized a sizable haul of weapons and drugs in a raid on his “dera” in Rawalpindi in 2015. Along with 3000 bottles of alcohol, approximately 67 guns were also found. At his home, there were also some lions and a bear. 14 Afghan nationals were also present at the dera, according to law enforcement officials. Even boots worn by Pakistani military personnel and drone surveillance cameras were found by police. Taji Khokhar is so feared and powerful that police showed up at his dera in a fleet of 30 cars.

After a land dispute led to the murder of a woman in Dhoke Gangal, Taji Khokhar was imprisoned in 2013. He had received post-arrest bail in the murder case in 2017 on the basis of his health.

Taji Khokhar allegedly had a significant impact on the Defense Housing Authority’s acquisition of land, according to a report in Dawn from 2012. Malik Riaz, a property tycoon who has recently made headlines due to his settlement with the National Crime Agency of the United Kingdom, was also listed in the report.

Such claims have been made by many others. Journalist Ahmed Noorani claimed on Twitter that Taji Khokhar was more powerful than anyone and had been used by the establishment for decades to carry out killings and land occupations after Taji’s recent arrest.

Fahd Malik, a well-known lawyer from Islamabad, was brutally killed in 2016 by an unknown assailant. Fahad, a member of a well-known political family and the nephew of the late Mian Muhammad Soomro, was in the Senate at the time. The notorious 333 gangs of Taji Khokhar’s members were identified as the murder’s perpetrators. Fahd Malik was involved in mediating a dispute between several gangs, including the group that would later assassinate him. After killing Fahd Malik, the assassin Raja Arshad—who was also a member of the 333—announced in front of the public that this was the fate of lawyers who stepped in to help them.

Zafar Supari, a member of the infamous 333 gangs, is well known for his TikTok videos in which he and his cohorts are seen flaunting their opulent lifestyles and expensive vehicles while frequently making the triple-finger symbol for the dreaded 333 gangs.

Meeting Taji Khokhar’s Son with Maulana Tariq Jameel

Farrukh Khokar, the son of the infamous occupation group rebel Taji Khokhar, is introduced to Maulana Tariq Jameel.

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