Meet influencers who posted the video ‘Pawri Ho Rai Hai’ before the Dananeer version

Meet influencers who posted the video 'Pawri Ho Rai Hai' before the Dananeer version

Social Media Influencer and Content Creator, Daneereer Mobeen, has become a Bonafide Social Media Star after Pawri Ho Rai Hai’s video became a viral on the internet.

People throughout South Asia have been obsessed with Pawri videos, with celebrities in Pakistan and crossing borders who cannot get enough of their recreation.
However, some people have shown how the Dananeer version of ‘Pawri Ho Rai Hai’ might be actually not the original.

After this, the famous Pakistani Tiktoker, Jannat Mirza, revealed that Tasbeel Gillani, another Instagram influencer, maybe who inspired Daneer to make his virus.

In fact, Tasbeel, the real Pawri girl ‘real, highlighted the original video on her Instagram story.
After the inspection of the facts, we learned that Dananeer’s video which is now famous was posted on February 6, while the Tasbeel video was posted on his page on January 30.

We also learned that Daneer commented on Instagram Tasbeel about posting his video in his main, which he could mean as Pawri Ho Rai Hai.

Recently, Tasbeel responded to Danane’s comments, told him that it was “the best decision ever.”

Tasbeel Gillani also discusses the problem of how people have exaggerated things by creating drama from nothing.

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