Do MALE SUPERSTARS #SalmanKhan & #AamirKhan have a holding in #Kwan ?

Do MALE SUPERSTARS SalmanKhan & AamirKhan have a holding in Kwan ?

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Male Superstars का नाम लिया जा रहा है media द्वारा #Kwan talent management के साथ। एक TV debate मैंने attend को जहाँ कहा गया कि #AamirKhan ने loan दिया है Kwan company को। और #SalmanKhan के partner #NikhilDwendi का कहना है कि Salman का कोई holding नहीं है Kwan में मगर #media writeups है २०१६ के जहाँ #UnilateralBeingTalented यानी UBT company का alliance #BigBangMediaVentures में है ऐसा mention किया है जो Kwan को mother company है।

#VikramTanwar UBT के founder हैं ऐसा mention किया गया है social media पर जो कुश हैं इस partnership से।साथ में #MadhuMantena का भी इस partnership के ऊपर बयान है media में। तो सच क्या है ???

अगर यह सब articles है media में तो उसके आधार पर बोला जा रहा है। Salman और Aamir की legal team जो जवाब देना चाहिए 🙏

Male Superstars are being named by the media along with #Kwan talent management. A TV debate where I was told that #AamirKhan has given loan to Kwan company. And #SalmanKhan partner #NikhilDwendi says that Salman has no holding in Kwan but there are #media writeups of 2014 where #UnilateralBeingTalented means UTI alli of company
#VikramTanwar is the founder of UBT, it has been mentioned on social media that the Kush are from this partnership. #MadhuMantena also has a statement on this partnership in the media. So what is the truth ???

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If it is all articles in the media, then it is being said on the basis of it. The legal team of Salman and Aamir that should answer 🙏

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