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Leaked Video Of PML-N’s Sania Ashiq

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Leaked Video Of PML-N’s Sania Ashiq

This latest video / vlog uploaded today on Zunaira Mahum YouTube Channel in Full HD.

The Topic of this video was ” #katrinakaif #ibrarulhaq #salmankhan
Leaked Video Of PML-N’s Sania Ashiq Turns Out To Be Of Jinnah Hospital’s Nurse | Katrina Kaif News ”

Watch Video:

Yet another leaked video controversy, this time target is PML-N MPA Sania Ashiq. Is Sania Ashiq’s video real or fake? Yet another controversy of leaked obscene video, this time target is PML-N MPA Sania Ashiq!
An alleged obscene leaked video of a Member of the Punjab Assembly (MPA) Sania Ashiq Jabeen is doing rounds on social media.
The recent disgusting trend of leaked obscene videos sounds alarm bells! What has become the morality of this nation?
Whether the person being associated with such leaked videos is a celebrity or a politician, social media has no doubt become a very chaotic and scandalous place.
Adding more to the disgust, people had been spreading the leaked video without any confirmation.
Hailing from, Sania was elected to the Provincial Assembly of Punjab as a candidate of Pakistan Muslim League (N) (PML-N) on a reserved seat for women in the 2018 Pakistani general election.
Last month an alleged video of former Governor Sindh and Pakistan Mulsim League-Nawaz (PML-N), Zubair Umar went viral on social media.
‘Objectionable video’ of PML-N’s Sania Ashiq turns out to be of Jinnah Hospital’s nurse. The forensic report of an ‘objectionable’ video, doing rounds on social media, and being attributed to Sania Ashiq, a close associate of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Vice President Maryam Nawaz, has shown that actually the video was not that of Sania but of Lahore’s Jinnah Hospital’s nurse which had been made by a doctor of the same hospital who had later been arrested by the police.
Sania had filed an application in the Cyber Crime Wing of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in which she had said that an objectionable video, which was being attributed to her, had gone viral on social media.
Acting on her complaint, when the FIA conducted forensic test of the video, it dawned upon them that the video was not that of Sania but of Jinnah Hospital’s nurse, and that it was uploaded on social media bearing her name.
No, Katrina Kaif, Vicky Kaushal are not getting married in December. Actress confirms. Katrina Kaif has denied reports that suggested that she is tying the knot with her rumoured boyfriend Vicky Kaushal this year. The actress also talked about the reasons for her wedding rumours.
Katrina Kaif has denied tying the knot to her rumoured boyfriend Vicky Kaushal this year. Recently, a report suggested that the two are already prepping for their wedding ceremony. However, during a recent interview, the actress put a rest to the rumours. Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal are rumoured to be dating since 2019, but they have remained tight-lipped about their relationship status.
Abrar ul Haq’s latest ‘Baby Shark’-inspired song is just a bad boomer joke. Music video for ‘Begum Shak Karti Hai’ features Saba Qamar in the role of a suspicious wife. What do misogyny and Baby Shark have in common? Abrar ul Haq likes to use both to help him restart his music career. Whether it’s a failed attempt at satire, a final-ditch effort to revitalise a dying career, or a genuine effort to make music, there’s one thing for sure, Abrar ul Haq needs to rethink his strategy. The singer-turned politician became an example of what not to do when trying to become relevant again, with his newest release leaving the singer’s intentions and musical prowess questionable at best.
Begum Shak Karti Hai, Abrar’s latest offering, follows the tune of the superhit children’s song Baby Shark. The music video of the song, which quickly went viral following its release due mainly to its absurdity, features Saba Qamar as a suspicious wife going to extreme lengths to catch her husband in the act, who is ultimately revealed to be sneaking around only to plan a surprise party for her. From scanning her husband’s clothes with a magnifying glass to straight-up electrocuting him after assuming he’s been unfaithful, the song plays up the often regurgitated tropes of the unnecessarily controlling and suspicious wife, as well as the unconditionally loving and innocent husband, both of which are often used as fodder for unfunny boomer jokes.
The song starts off with the message, “Dedicated to all those who are too much married.” When sharing the song on Twitter, the singer referred to such men as “run mureed,” a negative way of referring to men who let women take charge. As expected, the song was widely-bashed on social media on its plagiarised tune, harmful themes, as well as Abrar’s hypocrisy in using Baby Shark as his tune of choice.
Social media users criticised Abrar’s peddling of harmful stereotypes, with one user tweeting, “Absolute loathe the term ‘run mureed’. There is no such thing. Wives are disproportionately devoted to their husbands for life. If husbands reciprocate the same it won’t deprive them of manliness.”

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