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VIDEO: Twitter Stories from Allegedly Dubai Porta Potties On Social Media, Reddit Goes Viral

Every social media site has gone crazy over the video Prota Portty Dubai. Inhuman behaviour was observed in Dubai by a female visitor. She is an anonymous woman who wishes to amass wealth and travelled to Dubai to meet with her wealthy friends. Every expense was taken from her there. She claimed she went to Dubai for a weekend break.

Twitter Video of Allegedly Dubai Porta Potty

She described inhuman treatment when she arrived in Dubai, according to a lady who experienced inhuman behaviour there. During a fully paid weekend trip to Dubai, she described her unforgettable experience. According to the lady, her wealthy colleague is an executive prostitute who works weekends in Dubai, where she is accosted by s***exually starved Arabs who pay well. This video is far more vu***lgar than any of our wildest dreams. Twitter Video: Dubai Porta Potties.

Twitter Video of Dubai Porta Potties

We recommend that you do not watch the video if you are extremely sensitive, as it may destroy your soul. Her life was turned upside down. She’d never forget it. She expressed regret for her ordeal, revealing that she ate human faeces and was s***exually ab***used, among other inhumane treatment, in exchange for $40,000.

Twitter Video: Dubai Porta Potties

Here is a description of a lady who went to Dubai to spend some time there. “After seeing her on the Dirty, I called out a really good friend of mine and she admitted everything,” she said.

She is a 22-year-old woman who visited Dubai with a colleague. She owns a condo in Newport Beach and drives a 2011 CL 550. When she visited Dubai, the unidentified lady revealed several other heinous incidents from her life. What did the Arabs make of her? Who did she make fun of? She said she met with her coworker after she finished her job in Dubai and expressed gratitude for her friendship, giving her the nickname potty, which she accepted without hesitation.

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