Kiran Naz Speaks Out in Favor of Ashfaque Satti Amidst Controversial Times

The recent controversy surrounding Pakistani news anchor Ashfaque Ishaq Satti has captivated the public’s attention, shedding light on the complexities of domestic disputes. Accusations of domestic abuse from Satti’s second wife, Nomaika Ashfaque Satti, have triggered a wave of public outrage. This article delves into the unfolding drama, exploring both sides of the story and the ensuing public reaction.

Nomaika Ashfaque Satti’s Allegations:

Nomaika Ashfaque Satti came forward with troubling allegations against her husband, Ashfaque Ishaq Satti. She claimed that he physically assaulted her, confined her in a room, and took their son away from her. These serious accusations have understandably sparked widespread concern and condemnation, as the public grapples with the issue of domestic violence.

Legal Consequences Loom for Ashfaque Satti: Accused of Assaulting Wife Nomaika

Legal Consequences Loom for Ashfaque Satti: Accused of Assaulting Wife Nomaika

Legal Consequences Loom for Ashfaque Satti: Accused of Assaulting Wife Nomaika

Kiran Naz’s Counter-Narrative:

In an unexpected turn of events, Samaa Tv’s anchor Kiran Naz presented what she asserted was Ashfaque Satti’s perspective on the matter. Sharing a detailed note on social media, Naz highlighted the importance of considering both sides of the story. According to Naz, Ashfaque went to Nomaika’s residence with his children from his first marriage. Nomaika allegedly reacted vehemently, verbally abusing Ashfaque’s children. In response, Ashfaque pushed her into a door, resulting in visible injuries. Naz supported this account by sharing images of Ashfaque’s injuries and a video, purportedly recorded by Ashfaque’s children outside the room where the incident occurred.

Inside the Ashfaque Ishaq Satti Controversy: Unraveling Conflicting Perspectives

Public Backlash and Skepticism:

Despite Kiran Naz’s attempt to provide an alternative narrative, the public response has been overwhelmingly critical. Many argue that domestic abuse should never be justified, regardless of the circumstances presented. The visible injuries on Nomaika’s face and body have become a focal point, leading some to question the legitimacy of any explanation that attempts to rationalize such actions.

Rabia Anam Obaid’s Disapproval:

Among those expressing disapproval of Kiran Naz’s stance is Rabia Anam Obaid. In a public response, she criticized the justification of domestic abuse, echoing a sentiment shared by many who believe that violence within domestic relationships should never be normalized or rationalized.

Public Backlash Against Kiran Naz:


The Ashfaque Ishaq Satti controversy has brought to light the challenges of navigating conflicting narratives in domestic disputes. As the public grapples with the nuances of this case, it emphasizes the urgent need for condemning domestic violence unequivocally, irrespective of the perspectives presented by those involved. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of addressing and combating domestic abuse within society.


Q: Who is Ashfaque Ishaq Satti?

A: Ashfaque Ishaq Satti is a Pakistani news anchor currently hosting ARY News morning show Bakhabar Savera.

Q: Why is Ashfaque Satti in the news?

A: He is facing severe public backlash due to recent allegations of domestic abuse made by his second wife, Nomaika Ashfaque Satti.

Q: What are the allegations against Ashfaque Ishaq Satti?

A: Nomaika Ashfaque Satti, his second wife, accused him of physical abuse, confinement, and taking their son away from her.

Q: What is Kiran Naz’s role in the controversy?

A: Kiran Naz, a Samaa Tv anchor, presented what she claimed was Ashfaque’s side of the story, asserting that there are two sides to every story.

Q: How did Kiran Naz support Ashfaque’s side?

A: Kiran Naz shared a detailed note stating that Ashfaque went to Nomaika’s house with his children, and Nomaika’s reaction led to a physical altercation. Naz posted images of Ashfaque’s injuries and a video allegedly recorded by his children.

Q: How has the public responded to Kiran Naz’s account?

A: The public response has been critical, with many asserting that domestic abuse should never be justified, regardless of the circumstances.

Q: Who criticized Kiran Naz for supporting Ashfaque?

A: Rabia Anam Obaid publicly criticized Kiran Naz, expressing disapproval of justifying domestic abuse.

Q: What is the broader societal concern highlighted by this controversy?

A: The controversy underscores the societal concern about the normalization or rationalization of violence within domestic relationships.

Q: What is the key takeaway from the Ashfaque Ishaq Satti controversy?

A: The incident emphasizes the importance of condemning domestic violence unequivocally and addressing the complexities surrounding such disputes within society.


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