Kannada Actress Shanaya Katwe killed Brother

Kannada actress Shanaya Katwe and her boyfriend allegedly killed her brother Rakesh Katwe. Since her brother didn't approve of their relationship, they decided to kill him.

Shanaya Katwe and her boyfriend are accused of murdering her brother Rakesh Katwe. They wanted to murder her brother because he did not approve of their relationship.

Shanaya Katwe, a promising Kannada actress, and her live-in husband Niyaz allegedly killed her brother and disposed of his body in a jungle here after he objected to their relationship, according to police.

According to Dharwad Superintendent of Police P Krishnakant, the young actress was in a relationship with a small-time realtor, which her brother opposed.

“Rakesh was a major hurdle to her love affair. Hence, he was murdered and the body burnt,”

Krishnakant stated to reporters. On April 12, a burned and severely mutilated torso wrapped in a plastic bag was discovered dumped in the Devaragudihal forest district, according to police.

As a result, a case was opened, and special forces were created to apprehend the perpetrator.

The investigation found that the victim’s niece, Shanaya Katwe, was involved with Niyaz and had been staying with him as a paid guest.

Further investigation into the case resulted in the arrest of Shanaya Katwe, Niyaz, and three of his associates, all of whom have been remanded in police custody. During questioning, it was discovered that Niyaz’s family was also involved in the case.

“Prima facie, it looks like a case of love affair. We have not come across their affiliation to any organisation, but our investigations are on,”

Krishnakant said.

Shanaya has appeared in the upcoming film Chhota Bombay.

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