Kangna Ranaut criticises Deepika Padukone’s Gehraiyaan.

Kangna Ranaut, a Bollywood diva renowned for her outspoken demeanour, has criticised Deepika Padukone’s Gehraiyaan as a “poor movie” that offers nothing new to the industry.

The Queen actress claimed on her Instagram account that “no amount of flesh display or pornography can salvage it.” Gehraiyaan, directed by Karan Johar, turned out to be an urban and complicated storey of friendship.

She also slammed the video, which was distributed on Amazon Prime Video, calling it “crap” and chastising the producers for marketing it as “new age” romance.

“I am also a millennial but I identify and understand this kind of romance … in the name of millennial/new age/urban movies don’t sell trash pls … bad movies are bad movies no amount of skin show can _ save it … it’s a basic fact koi gehraiyaan wali baat nahi hai (there is no depth in it),”

said Kangna Ranaut.

Kangana previously debuted her new reality programme, Lock Upp, and lost her cool when a journalist questioned her opinion on an influencer slamming Deepika for her ‘hemlines and necklines’ during Gehraiyaan marketing.

“Look, I’m here to protect people who can’t defend themselves,” the brilliant actress said in response to her query. Alright? She is capable of self-defense. She has the opportunity and the platform, but I am unable to promote her film here. “Please sit.”

When the journalist claimed that he was advertising Gehraiyaan by asking such a question, Ranaut said, “Of course, you called the film.” You’re also referring to a forthcoming picture. You are obviously being planted by the film’s publicists. Arre, hum itne bhi toh naadaan nahi hai naadaan nahi hai naadaan nahi hai naadaan nahi hai naadaan nahi ha (I am not so naive). Do it outdoors, and I will spend 45 minutes with you.”


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