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Kacha Badam Girl Name, Age, Boyfriend, Bio, Size

Anjali Arora was born on November 3, 1999; her parents are Babita and Ashwani Arora. She attended Guru Harikishan Public School in her early years and Deshbandhu College at Delhi University for her undergraduate studies. Throughout her childhood, Anjali Arora wanted to pursue acting alone but never had the opportunity.

Anjali Arora began her acting career while she was a student in Delhi. At first, she created brief videos for Tiktok, and after a few months, she rose to fame there. However, when Tiktok was banned in India, she devised a plan to use Instagram instead, where she began to showcase her skills. Today, she is an Instagram influencer with more than 10 million followers.

Anjali Arora, better known by her stage name Kacha Badam, is an Instagram influencer with over 10 million followers. She has been posting reels on Instagram for a long time. Her reel for the Kacha Badam Song went viral, garnering millions of views and shares, and as a result, she was given invitations to numerous shows at illustrious Bollywood events.

husband or boyfriend of Anjali Arora?

Anjali Arora, who is 22 years old, is still a virgin, has never been married, has never given birth to a child, has never been divorced, etc. However, there is a rumor that she is dating Jass Manak for a considerable amount of time; however, there is no confirmation of this.

Anjali Arora’s Physical Appearance

Anjali Arora is an Indian woman with black hair and eyes. She weighs 55 kg and is 5′ 7″ tall. Figure Measurements Bra Size: 34 Inch
Waist Size: 30 inches
Hip Size: 33 inches

Salary, income, and wealth for Anjali Arora

Anjali Arora is currently very well-known on social media; she has worked on numerous music albums and is an Instagram influencer; her monthly salary ranges from 8 to 12 lakh rupees; she charges 5 lakhs for a song, and her net worth is 3 crores.

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