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Jason Statham’s New Action Film to Release on May 7

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The new Hollywood film “Wrath of Man,” starring Jason Statham, will be released in theatres in the United States on May 7.

The “Transporter” star has reteamed with British director Guy Ritchie for the grim thriller, in which Statham plays “H,” an enigmatic loner who takes a job at a defence company whose armoured trucks carrying valuables have recently become the victim of deadly armed robberies.

According to Reuters, Statham was a model when Ritchie cast him in his 1998 film “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels,” which helped launch his film career. They went on to work again on the 2000 film “Snatch” and reunited in 2005 for their most recent collaboration, “Revolver.”

Talking to Reuters Statham said, “The only difference is we’re a little older and a little chubbier … He called me up about this idea that he had. It was a very short pitch and I liked the premise. And I was quick to say ‘yes’.”

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