Jannat Mirza Apologizes To Bushra Ansari

Jannat Mirza Apologizes To Bushra Ansari

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Jannat Mirza, a TikTok star, apologised to veteran actress Bushra Ansari for the nasty comments she made about her and called her a great.

In response to Bushra Ansari’s derogatory remark, Jannat Mirza apologised to the veteran actress, claiming that her remarks were too harsh for her family.

“I’m sorry i never wanted to make a fuss out of it. But those words were very harsh for me & for my family.”

The TikTok star went on to say that responding was vital to clear the air. She said that Bushra Ansar’s statements prompted her to lash out.

“We should respect our elders but apne choto ko bhi pyaar se treat krna chahye,” wrote the TikToker.

Jannat Mirza wrote to Bushra Ansari that if she had explained to her with love, she would have apologised a thousand times in front of everyone since she can’t bear the thought of hurting anybody.

Finally, Jannat Mirza wrote, “You’re a living legend, no doubt but pls choose your adjectives wisely…MORE POWER TO YOU!”

Bushra Ansari, a veteran actress in Pakistan’s showbiz industry, and TikTok star Jannat Mirza have previously exchanged angry comments on social media.

While Bushra Ansari referred to the social media stars as “ignorant,” Jannat Mirza referred to the elder actress as “Amma Jee” and encouraged her to “know the facts before condemning.”

Jannat Mirza Apologizes To Bushra Ansari

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