Irshad Bhatti responds to reports that he is being fired from Geo News.

Irshad Bhatti responds to reports

Irshad Bhatti, the anchor of Geo News in Pakistan, has denied rumours that he was fired.

In response to Shireen Mazari’s tweet, Bhatti announced that he is taking a three-day break and will return on Monday to the Geo News screen.

Bhatti is a known supporter of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPI) and Prime Minister Imran Khan.

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Rumors of Irshad Bhatti, Imran Riaz, and Maleeha Hashmey’s removal began to circulate hours after the Supreme Court of Pakistan ruled against Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri’s decision to dismiss Prime Minister Imran Khan’s no-confidence motion.

Irshad Bhatti tweet:

شیریں صاحبہ میں جیو میں ہی ہوں،کسی نےنہیں نکالا،میں 3دن کی چھٹی پر ہوں،انشاءاللہ سوموار کو آپکو جیو کی سکرین پر نظر آؤں گا،آپکاشکریہ،مجھےپتا ہےآپ نرم دل،تبھی تو نوازشریف کو باہر بجھواتے وقت آپ کابینہ اجلاس میں رو پڑی تھیں مگر شکرکریں آپکاپیکاآرڈیننس نہیں رہا ورنہ اس فیک نیوز پر ؟
Translated from Urdu by
Shereen Sahib, I am in Geo, no one has taken me out, I am on 3 days leave, inshallah I will see you on the screen of Geo on Monday, thank you, I know you are soft hearted, then when you send Nawaz Sharif out you cry in cabinet meeting But thanks, your copy ordinance is no more, otherwise on this fake news?

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