Iranian President seeks help from Indian PM

Iranian President seeks help from Indian PM

Iran seeks help from India

Rebel TV Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has appealed to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for help with the Karuna virus. According to the report, another patient was killed by the Corona virus in India, which resulted in 3 deaths in India altogether.
In Maharashtra, a 71-year-old man died from the Karuna virus, who had returned from Saudi Arabia. Educational institutions have been closed
Another corona virus patient has been killed in India while the total number of corona virus patients has risen to 81. According to the Indian Ministry of Health, a 68-year-old woman has died of corona virus in Delhi. The woman was a resident of Janakpuri area of ​​Delhi. General Chat Chat Lounge
On the other hand, the number of Corona virus patients is increasing steadily in India. In the last 24 hours, 6 more cases of Corona virus have been reported which has increased the total number of Corona patients to 84 in India. 6 cases have been reported, Uttar Pradesh has 10 cases of Corona, four cases in Karnataka, 11 in Maharashtra and three cases in Ladakh.
Drinking cow’s urine will eliminate the virus, everyone is surprised at the treatment of the president of Hindu Mahasabha

Risk of Corona virus, India closes Kartarpur road

In India, 44 patients from Karuna, idols were also worn at the temple

The Karuna virus, Modi’s conscious too, has been banned

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