India: The Maharashtra ATS seizes more than 7kg of Uranium

India: The Maharashtra ATS seizes more than 7kg of Uranium

In the Indian state of Maharashtra, police confiscated seven kilogrammes (15.4 pounds) of natural uranium and detained two people on suspicion of “illegal storage of highly radioactive material.”

According to the Anadolu news agency, the recovered content is worth approximately 2.9 million and is being investigated by the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad.

“We have received information that a man named Jaggar Pandya was going to sell pieces of uranium illegally, a trap was set to catch him and he was arrested,”

Maharashtra police said.

He said that the investigation into this case found that these pieces of uranium were supplied to him by a man called Abu Tahir.

When Tahir was apprehended, a substantial amount of drug was seized from him, according to police.

On Wednesday, the case was filed in Mumbai after a report from the Bhabha Atomic Research Center reported that the confiscated content contained highly radioactive content.

According to police, they received a warning that the element was natural uranium, which is extremely radioactive and toxic to human health.

According to a police official who spoke on the condition of anonymity, the suspects were being questioned about the origin of the content confiscated and where it was being shipped.

The two suspects appeared in a local court on Wednesday, according to the local news service Press Trust of India, and were remanded in the custody of the anti-terrorism squad until May 12.

This is the second latest seizure of highly radioactive material by Indian authorities, following the seizure of approximately 9kg of uranium in Thana, Maharashtra, in 2016.

Uranium is also found in other industries, such as nuclear weapons and medicine.

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