Increased Rs20 Petrol, Diesel Prices Proposed

Increased Rs20 Petrol Price, Diesel Prices Proposed

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The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has proposed an increase in defeat in the price of petroleum products. Ogra continued a summary to the Petroleum oil division on Friday. The proposed increase in the price of petroleum products is determined based on RS30 per liter retribution. According to the recommendation of OGRA, Petrol prices will pass the roof because RS20.07 per liter is proposed. RS19.61 per liter increase in diesel prices is proposed. Under the current enforced petroleum retribution, the increase in Petrol and diesel prices will be RS6 per liter. At present, RS17.97 retribution is charged at the price per liter of gasoline and RS18.36 at a price per half diesel. The Ministry of Finance will take the final decision regarding the increase in the price of petroleum products by consulting with the Prime Minister.

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