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In Northern England, a man attacked King Charles with eggs. Complete Video

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King Charles Live: Man Arrested in York After Throwing Egg at the King

On Wednesday, while King Charles and Camilla, his wife and queen consort, were interacting with the audience in New York, northern England, a man was detained by police after he threw eggs at them. A video that was shared on social media showed four eggs flying past the 73-year-old king and his wife. The royal couple reportedly appeared unaffected by the incident and kept up their engagement.

Police officers rushed in to pull away a protester who was shouting slogans while others attending the ceremony booed the man and chanted “God save the King.” Charles ascended to the throne in September after the demise of his mother, Queen Elizabeth. Charles is spending two days touring northern England after taking the throne in September after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth.

The first statue of the late Queen Elizabeth II since her passing in September will be unveiled as part of a series of events honouring her throughout Yorkshire. According to Reuters, anti-British protesters reportedly threw eggs at Charles in central Dublin in 1995 while he was on a walkabout. In 2022, when Elizabeth visited Nottingham in central England, eggs were also reportedly thrown at her royal car.

A man in Northern England threw eggs at King Charles. Complete Video

Charles III was formally crowned king of the United Kingdom on September 10 at St. James’s Palace. When King Charles and Camilla, his wife and queen consort, attended an event in northern England on Wednesday, eggs were thrown at them, and a man was detained as a result. A video uploaded to social media showed four eggs flying past the British king and his wife.

For a traditional ceremony, they stumbled to the ground as they arrived in York. The British king and his wife were present when the egg dropped; they had just arrived in York for a traditional ceremony. The incident did not appear to have any impact on them. To take down the yelling protester, police officers swooped in. On a two-day tour of northern England, King Charles is currently. His mother, Queen Elizabeth, passed away in September, and he took the throne that month.

King Charles Live: A Man Throws an Egg at the King and a Man Is Arrested in York

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Date of Incident Wednesday, November 9, 2022
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