In a bathing suit, Model Paige VanZant says, “IDK”

The stunning physique of Paige VanZant, who trains professionally, is evidence of her dedication to her work. The 28-year-old wrestler shared a photo of herself on social media with the caption “IDK” while sitting on a window sill in a black bikini. How does she manage to maintain such a toned body? To get beach-ready yourself, don’t miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos. Continue reading to learn 5 ways VanZant stays in shape and the photos that demonstrate they work.

She Swims

Swimming is one of the exercises VanZant likes to include in her routine. Harvard Health states that swimming “works the heart and lungs.” “The body learns to use oxygen more effectively as a result, which typically results in decreases in breathing and heart rates at rest. The muscles in the arms, legs, and other areas are all used. Strength and flexibility of the muscles are enhanced by this.”

Vanzant has been transparent about her history with eating disorders and hopes that her story will serve as an inspiration for others. According to VanZant, “I was having different problems with myself and my body.” To gain weight, “I was giving myself an eating disorder.” Vanzant dropped to 115 pounds, which was excessive given that she usually weighs 135 pounds. She says, “I recently moved up to the flyweight division, which is 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms) heavier, which is a huge difference. “Uriah Hall, a fellow UFC fighter, pushed himself to the verge of death while cutting weight during a fight I was watching. He began convulsing in the hallway in front of me due to kidney failure.


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