Imran Khan's allegedly le***aked video goes viral on social media

Imran Khan’s allegedly le***aked video goes viral on social media

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WATCH: Imran Khan’s Social Media L****eaked Video:

Things are heating up in Pakistan now that the country’s Prime Minister, Imran Khan, has been booted out of Parliament following a no-confidence vote in the general assembly. Now that Imran Khan was no longer in power, many people and politicians attempted to delegitimize him by spreading rumours about his s**** se**xual activities with a number of young women. Yes, he had p****hysical relationships with some girls in the past, which politicians now take advantage of. He is no longer a member of parliament and has reverted to normalcy.

Video purportedly le****aked by Imran Khan

He is the former Prime Minister of Pakistan and the chairman of the political party TehreekeInsaf. He did not only misbehave with women, but he also did excellent work about which few people are aware. He works to improve Pakistani policies and always strives to improve India-Pakistan relations. He also established positive relationships with other nations such as the United States, China, and others. In terms of serving the country, he did an excellent job.

Everyone hoped he’d be able to finish his five years as Prime Minister, but he won’t be able to. Only four years did he serve as Prime Minister. If he serves for five years, his name will be added to a list of prime ministers who have served longer than five years. He, on the other hand, was unable to achieve this.

Imran Khan allegedly le****aked a video to Twitter, which went viral.

A video of him doing some naughty things with some pretty girls has been circulating on the internet. It took about two to three minutes to watch the video. Some speculate that he is the Imran Khan who has been having s****exual relations with the young lady. People are perplexed, and they are eager to learn the truth.

He is also covered by some Pakistani news channels. After being uploaded, the video was immediately deleted. Those who had the opportunity to look at it. They took a video of him and saved it to their phones. They were now disseminating his video through other channels. If you happen to come across any of his videos, delete them immediately. Our users will love it.

Don’t look at it, and don’t tell anyone else about it. Because it harms his and the girls’ image. This isn’t the first time such a case has surfaced on the internet. Many cases remain open, and cops have yet to identify the true perpetrator.

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