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Imane Anys, better known on Twitch as POKIMANE, is a popular live streamer.

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Imane Anys, better known by the username POKIMANE, is a popular Twitch streamer.

Millions of people follow Pokimane (born May 14, 1996) on social media, making her a well-known online personality. She is well-known for her YouTube and Twitch videos that feature her gaming activities. Fortnite, Minecraft, and League of Legends are her three top streaming games.

Pokimane will be 26 when the year 2022 ends. The zodiac sign of Pokimane is Taurus because she was born on May 14th. She is of white ethnicity and has Canadian and Moroccan ancestry. She is also of dual citizenship.

Her real name is Imane Anys, and Pokimane was born in Morocco. Little is known about her parents because they haven’t been reported on by the media to date. She did, however, mention that she has a younger brother. Before deciding to quit school and start a new career as a social media personality, she was majoring in chemical engineering and pursuing her degree at McMaster University. She is presently a Californian resident of Los Angeles.

Real name Imane Anys
Nick Name Pokimane
Gender Female
Birthday 14-May-96
Birthplace Morocco, North Africa
Age 26 Years Old
Zodiac (Birth sign) Taurus
Marital Status Single
Dating/Boyfriends She is not dating
Profession YouTuber, Twitch Streamer and Social Media Personality
School Name Local High School in Morocco, North Africa
University McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Education Graduate
Religion Christian
Popular for Film: Free Guy (2021), Music Video: Inferno (2021)
Nationality Moroccan and Canadian
Ethnicity North African and Arabian
Caste Unknown
Language Unknown
Hobbies Unknown
Favorite Sport Unknown
Favorite City/Country Unknown
Net worth $2 Million
Height 5 feet 4 inch
Weight 51 Kg
Bust size 34
Waist size 24
Hip size 34
Body Measurements 34-24-35
Tattoos Unknown
Dress size Unknown
Shoe size Unknown
Hair Color brown color
Eyes color brown color
Eyes shape Unknown
Skin tone Unknown
Hairstyle Unknown
Mother Mrs. Anys
Father Mr. Anys
Husband Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Instagram Imane Anys Alias Pokimane
TikTok Imane Anys Alias Pokimane
Facebook Imane Anys Alias Pokimane
Wiki Imane Anys Alias Pokimane
Youtube Imane Anys Alias Pokimane

Career Information

Pokimane started Twitch streaming in 2013, but it wasn’t until 2017 that her League of Legends gameplay earned her widespread attention. In 2018, the makers of the game, Epic Games, hired her to play and stream Fortnite. She frequently uploads videos to her YouTube accounts in addition to her Twitch streams. She has two YouTube accounts: Pokimane and Pokimane ASMR. With more than 4.91 subscribers as of this writing, her first channel includes videos of her playing games, her reactions, videos, cameos from other internet personalities, and other interesting content. With more than 674 thousand subscribers, her second channel features ASMR sounds.

The live stream of POKIMANE’s “Nip Slip” has gone viral and is spreading like wildfire online.

Pokimane is a star who gained notoriety online and through her hard work and streams. Pokimane is currently making headlines because while streaming on her Twitch platform, she experienced an embarrassing and unintentional wardrobe malfunction. Pokimane streams on Twitch and has been doing so for over a decade. Many people now follow the streamer, who has gained fame, and watch her streams. The incident happened while the streamer was also having a massive streaming session on the day in question. Let’s find out more about this, as well as how Pokimane ended up in the target and what happened.

On the day of the incident, Pokimane was streaming, and at the time of the malfunction, she was either streaming or playing Overwatch 2. This happened on November 15th, 2022, while Pokimane was playing a game. She took a brief break from her career to complete a task, and when she came back, she was online in front of a large number of people and had forgotten that her bare breasts were still visible. Due to a large number of people present, they all recorded the event on their devices and uploaded it to social media for their subscribers to share. She fixed it in a flash while browsing the internet baring her breasts.

Pokimane quickly went back and covered her bare breasts after realizing that her dress had been accidentally opened from the top and that it was her fault. The moment was captured by numerous people, and it was also shared online, despite the streamer catching it right away and fixing it as well. People recorded Pokimane going longer than a few seconds without noticing. Pokimane was watching the game and interacting with her subscribers at the same time. Pokimane said she had a science question for everyone, and then she realized her clothes were not covering her exposed breasts. Pokimane left and stopped the flow of water while she fixed her clothing.

The strong woman Pokimane is. Additionally, the streamer is pro-women and anti-women sentiments. Pokimane opposed a wide range of policies that restricted women’s rights. She also mentioned earlier how she would support women and how they are oppressed. People on the internet are shocked to learn that the streamer faced this situation herself and that it happened to her quickly. One online user suggested that it should be removed because it is shameful to have to watch Pokimane experience such a malfunction and for people to spread her video all over the internet.

Imane Anys, better known on Twitch as POKIMANE, Live Stream Video Becomes a Hit


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