IBA Karachi Dance Party Video Viral On Twitter, Reddit

IBA Karachi Dance Party Video Viral On Twitter, Reddit

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One of the social media videos that is provoking the audience is one that shows a gathering of dancers from the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) in Karachi. The recordings of the staff and graduate of the university’s social gathering are making their way around the Internet. The video sparked public outrage. After the case was brought to the university’s attention, a commission was formed to examine all of the benefits and drawbacks of the ensuing uproar. Get more facts and information about the IBA Party Viral Video.

According to the latest reports, the incident occurred in Karachi when University students organised a dance party that went viral and became a trending topic on social media. According to reports, dancing videos contain content that is causing viewers to become even more enraged. The gathering clip has become one of the most talked-about topics on the internet, and in response to the IBA, faculty demanded swift and stern action against everyone involved in the video.

Watch: IBA Karachi hosts a dance party for gay students.

As previously stated, a disciplinary commission was formed to look into the specifics of how such actions were carried out. In the video, the students are behaving in an unruly manner, which is a disgrace to the university. The students’ actions tarnished the university’s prestigious reputation for elegance and discipline. Furthermore, the institution’s director and registrar have learned that misbehaviour by students on their campus will not be tolerated, and they will take swift and severe action against all of the students featured in the video who are behaving in an unruly manner.

A large number of people have watched the video and are now criticising the misbehaving students in it. The video is currently being shared on Reddit and Twitter, among other platforms. Furthermore, the students in the video are not dressed, and it is claimed that the event was specifically organised for homose**xuals.

When it drew the attention of the staff, they stated unequivocally that the students were breaking social rules. The authorities are currently gathering the names of the students who took part in the gathering.

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