Hortons faces backlash over free coffee offer to Harry, Meghan

Hortons faces backlash over free coffee offer to Harry, Meghan

MONTREAL: A Canadian coffee chain that offered British royals Prince Harry and his wife Meghan free coffee for life if they move to Canada has faced an online backlash.

The response came after Tim Hortons — synonymous with coffee in Canada — posted a tongue-in-cheek tweet on Wednesday saying: “No pressure, Meghan and Harry, but if you do choose to move to Canada, free coffee for life. Think about it.”

The offer proved hard to swallow for Canadians upset by the chain´s labor relations practises. Canadian media reported that a branch of Tim Hortons in Winnipeg locked out unionized workers who were asking for a pay rise.

In a shock announcement on Wednesday Harry and Meghan said they will step back as senior members of the royal family and spend more time in North America, where Meghan lived for several years while filming the television series “Suits.”

One Twitter user observed that the royals “can afford to buy the company. Your employees can´t afford the rent.”

An observer in Quebec commented: “Y´know, the company that cuts break times for employees on minimum wages… and offers free coffee for members of the royal family.”

“No pressure, Tim Hortons, but you´ll stop losing customers if you use that money for free lifetime coffee for Meghan and Harry to stop nickel and diming your employees into a strike over 10 cents an hour,” said a Twitter user with the handle “Oooh, Canada!”

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