Highland Park Parade Shooting Viral Video on Twitter, Reddit

At Chicago’s Highland Park Parade, six people were killed in a second mass shooting. Films created by Internet users regarding Chicago’s Highland Park Parade are starting to gain a lot of traction.

shooting at the Highland Park Parade

When a shooter opened fire on a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, Chicago, six persons were murdered and numerous others were injured. According to the authorities, a rifle was found, 24 people were sent to the hospital, and six people were shot to death.

Police are searching for the culprit, according to a statement on the city of Highland Park’s website, which also contained evidence of a pistol. A cordon has been set up around downtown Highland Park by numerous law enforcement officers who are present.

The march began at about ten, but after ten minutes, after shots were fired, it was stopped.

In a video, Highland Park Parade After the shooting, a Sun-Times reporter snapped a photo of a band performing on a float as people ran past yelling. In a picture posted online, blood puddles appeared to be near to better seats in midtown Highland Park. This page includes a link to the shooting video from the Chicago Highland Park Parade.

Gina Troiani and her son were preparing to approach the parade route with his daycare group when Gina heard a loud boom that she initially thought was firecrackers until she heard people yelling about a gunman.

She told The Associated Press, “We just start heading in the opposite direction.”

She had a five-year-old riding a bicycle with twisted red and blue strips on it. He carried a little American flag banner, along with other young attendees. According to the city’s website, the celebrations would feature a pet parade and children’s cycling race.

Troiani asserted that while returning to their vehicle, she pushed her child’s bicycle through the neighbourhood.

Reddit Goes Viral After Highland Park Parade Shooting

Some of the children can be seen rushing to the side as an alarm barks nearby in a video that Troiani captured on her phone.

She observed that everything was simply chaos. Some individuals wandered forth in search of their relatives after becoming separated from them. Others simply threw their carts to the ground, scooped up their children, and started running.

Governor of Illinois J.B. Pritzker posted on Twitter that he is “intently following the event in Highland Park” and that Illinois State Police are assisting. According to an email from the ISP, it was helping with the reaction to a shooter who had been located at 10:24 a.m.

helping Highland Park Police “with a shooting near the route of the Fourth of July march,” the Lake County Sheriff’s Office tweeted. The sheriff’s department instructed an AP columnist to contact Highland Park Police. The Police Department reported that no one was available to speak right away.


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