Handbook of Coronavirus [COVID-19] Prevention and Treatment

Handbook of Coronavirus [COVID-19] Prevention and Treatment

Workflow Management

(1) Before working in a fever clinic and isolation ward, the staff must undergo strict training
and examinations to ensure that they know how to put on and remove personal protective
equipment. They must pass such examinations before being allowed to work in these
(2) The staff should be divided into different teams. Each team should be limited to a maximum of 4 hours of working in an isolation ward. The teams shall work in the isolation
wards (contaminated zones) at different times.
(3) Arrange treatment, examination and disinfection for each team as a group to reduce the
frequency of staff moving in and out of the isolation wards.
(4) Before going off duty, staff must wash themselves and conduct necessary personal hygiene regimens to prevent possible infection of their respiratory tracts and mucosa.

Health Management

(1) The front-line staff in the isolation areas – including healthcare personnel, medical
technicians and property & logistics personnel – shall live in an isolation accommodation
and shall not go out without permission.
(2) A nutritious diet shall be provided to improve the immunity of medical personnel.
(3) Monitor and record the health status of all staff on the job, and conduct health monitoring for front-line staff, including monitoring body temperature and respiratory symptoms;
help address any psychological and physiological problems that arise with relevant experts.
(4) If the staff have any relevant symptoms such as fever, they shall be isolated immediately
and screened with an NAT.
(5) When the front-line staff including healthcare personnel, medical technicians and property
& logistics personnel finish their work in the isolation area and are returning to normal life,
they shall first be NAT tested for SARS-CoV-2. If negative, they shall be isolated collectively at
a specified area for 14 days before being discharged from medical observation.
4 Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment
5 COVID-19 Related Personal Protection Management Protection Level

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1. All staff at the healthcare facilities must wear medical surgical masks;
2. All staff working in the emergency department, outpatient department of infectious diseases,
outpatient department of respiratory care, department of stomatology or endoscopic examination room (such as gastrointestinal endoscopy, bronchofibroscopy, laryngoscopy, etc.) must
upgrade their surgical masks to medical protective masks (N95) based on Level I protection;
3. Staff must wear a protective face screen based on Level II protection while collecting respiratory specimens from suspected/confirmed patients.

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