Haleem Adil Sheikh In Central Jail Karachi? Footage In Public

Haleem Adil Sheikh In Central Jail Karachi? Footage In Public

Central authorities of the Karachi prison released images of CCTV from the situation after Haleem Adil Sheikh was taken to the prison in which he can see that Haleem Adil Sheikh would escape with prison officials in case of any unusual situation. Return

According to a private television channel, a 15-minute video was published by prison officials who show Haleem Adil Sheikh be taken to the barracks, after which he was seen fleeing with prison officials. Can

Prison officials told the Sindh government that when he took Haleem Adil Sheikh to be moved to the barracks, inmates sang slogans against Prime Minister Imran Khan and the opposition leader at the Sindh Assembly. Withdrawn from this place.

The private channel affirms that according to the superintendent of the jail, Haleem Adil Sheikh was not tortured, but sang slogans, while the prison adviser Ijaz Jakhrani said he could see from 20 seconds and then return. How can there be violence?

On the other hand, the media also says that there is not a 10-minute video of Haleem Adil Sheikh that takes place and from jail.

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