Haider Mustehsan’s new song seems a little too inspired by Bieber

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Momina isn’t the only singer in the Mustehsan clan.

Her younger brother, Haider just dropped a new single, Kahani and we’re a little perplexed. According to the official description, it’s a “track that is a fantastic mix of Eastern and Western vibes, a super track guaranteed to get you grooving to the beat”; we didn’t get any of that. The tune’s got some unoriginal lyrics in English, Urdu and Punjabi pieced together in an incoherent manner. We wanted to like the song, we really did but it was just SO BASIC and also a little too inspired by Justin Bieber, perhaps because it sounds like a song we’ve already heard a million times before. Even the lyrics are so ordinary.

That said, he has a good voice so here’s hoping we see some more authentic work from the aspiring singer soon.


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