The Girl Grabbed The Rapist By The Collar

The Girl Grabbed The Rapist By The Collar

The Girl Grabbed The Rapist By The Collar. The Daughter Of A Brave Police Officer Told The Story
Reshma, the daughter of a brave Sindh policeman, bravely caught the brutal accused who raped her mother and daughter in Kashmore, for which the whole of Pakistan is paying tribute to Reshma, but Reshma has not told anyone the story yet. Reshma arrested the accused.

Reshma told private TV who helped in apprehending the accused. She says that the brutal accused in the Kashmore rape case said to the victim, “You have brought the girl with you.” She said, “Yes, I have brought her.” The ruthless beast that Bahadur Reshma had bravely captured has been shot dead by his own comrade in a police encounter during the arrest of the second accused.

In Kashmore, a man named Rafiq Malik lured a woman from Karachi for a job and raped her for several days after kidnapping her and her 4-year-old daughter.

Reshma risked her life to save the girl. ASI Muhammad Bakhsh is also proud of his daughter’s bravery. Prime Minister Imran Khan telephoned the brave daughter of Sindh and paid tribute to Reshma for her courage in rescuing a 4-year-old girl in Kashmore.

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